Activation SV/AG-009 Prof.Elias 800m 11.5.2019

I want to do my first activation here on Lesvos on 11. because the SOTA Group Switzerland planned after general meeting to go QRV from HB/ZH-018.
Weather was really phantastic Temp just fine with abt 22 C, fine wind and beautiful clouds around.
The nature - amazing - a colorful carpet from different flowers expected me on top.

I was very fast QRV. The 21m Fuchsantenna on the 8m teleskope and the RS-918 (jus with latest firmware) worked vy well. The new Fuchkreis Tuner also was ufb. Only would be vy helpful, to assemble an instrument for measuring the SWR.
Unfortunally in HB9 was vy bad weather and only few went out and only on 30m - this was not able to catch them…Finally short before QRT I got one (Jens) S2S from ZH-018 on 30m.
On 20m all around Europe was able. 30m only the HB9 S2S and Ukraine.
Thanks to all Chasers and to the S2S (3) OM’s.
Would you see the report (text in German) in my blog (with Pictures):

enyoj 73 Erich