Activation Report :- Wild Boar Fell 20-9-2009

Well I’d been wanting to do this summit for a long time but been very busy down on the farm where I camp free Macen (75) the farmer had broke his leg so felt I had to help out doing the lambing/shering/dipping and what ever comes with looking after sheep and it was hard work anyway he’s back on his feet now.
I think I picked a good day plenty of sunshine,I started off on 60M and that to me was a good place to start plenty of takers and out of 17 contacts I had 2 s2s Andy MA0FMF/P + Steve G1INK/P and then onto 2M not good but did get 5 contacts 1 s2s Andy MA0FMF/P and then onto 40M where I had 14 contacts 3 s2s Steve G1INK/P + Lutz DL3SBA/P + Wolfgang DK1HW/P thanks lads.

I did find that the summit was a nice one to do seeing as it was my 1st for along time, hoping to do it on the 3rd Jan 2010 fun day xw permitimg.

OK I’d like to thank john GW4BVE for the spot and thank you all for the contacts of the day.

60m 17 2 s2s
2m 5 1 s2s
40m 14 3 s2s


Great to work you for the first time, Terry, you had a whopping signal when we worked and you also had a good signal 57 when I heard you on 60m.

Thank you


In reply to ON3WAB:

Hi Peter thanks for that it was just nice to get back on the summits again, hope to be out on G/NP-032 on Sunday wx permitting.
I did contact a ON8 but had to take him out of my log as there not aloud on 5MHz which is a pity ok hope to be out Sunday.



Good to see you back out again Terry. Wild Boar Fell is a lovely hill and one of my favourite ever. Coincidentally, we did it for the NP Fun Day last January, on a fantastic sunny, clear, crisp - and cold - day. It was superb. Enjoy.


In reply to M1EYP:

Hi Tom Yes a very nice hill as I say hope to do it in Jan on the fun day I may go up on the Sat and camp over night if wx ok. I remember doing Low Fell in a Feb and it was -10 in the night but the next morn was white over with frost and a lovely crisp and clear day.
And yes just nice to get back into it after so long will be out on G/NP-032 on Sunday as just down the road from me.

Terry G0VWP

In reply to G0VWP:

Hi Terry,

I hope you didn’t forget the StoS with me on DC001. I was very weak with you as I had a cable fault at my end and you had changed band before I got it fixed. I copied a 33 report from you, you were about 55 with me. Hope the QSO was OK and you just missed my SOTA ref


Mike (G4DDL/P on DC-001 on the 20th Sept)