Activation Report W7W/KG-113

Darryl WW7D and I activated Rattlesnake Mountain yesterday. We started out in light rain, upper 40’s. By the time we reached the summit it was snowing heavily with a significant wind chill factor. My apologies chasers - I was dealing with some issues (logging and frozen fingers!) which made for a somewhat choppy activation. The pileup on 20 was pretty epic - sorry if I missed anyone! Was planning to do other bands, but the WX was bad enough that we decided to bug out.

Hoping for a New Year’s Eve activation (summit TBD). Will be taking a tent this time so I can get out of the wind and snow!


-Josh WU7H

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Hi Josh,

You guys have “true grit” to brave the rain, snow and freezing temperatures! Congratulations and I’m happy that I was one of the lucky ones to make it into your log!

73 and Happy New Year!

Paul K9PM