Activation Report, W2/EH-002 Harvey Mountain

We spent the weekend in Albany, NY, but rough weather prevented us from activating any GC or GA mountains. We were however lucky enough to find time on the way back to Tarrytown, NY to try for an activation of Harvey Mountain, W2/EH-002. As we did not know what conditions would be like on the mtn or if time would allow us to get to the summit, we did not make a pre-alert.

Fortunately, we found a nice path up a closed road to hike to the summit. There was no/little snow (unlike the mountains about 60 miles north which were covered by deep snow), the sky was clear and we did not see another soul on the trip. This was the first hike I took my new LiFePO4 battery on.

Fortunately, the contacts came pretty easily as time was running out for us, and with my radio on the border marker between the State of NY and the State of MA I made several 20m contacts including WG0AT (the GOAT GUY) on 20m and G0HNW on 60m. Pics and videos have been uploaded to the SOTA youtube group and flikr group.

We returned to the car as night fell, and were happy the temps were low enough to keep ticks at bay, yet there was no snow or ice. I have to post details of this new & easy mountain road hike to the top.

By activating Harvey on my way back from Albany, I saved myself an extra 4 hour round trip drive as Harvey is a 2 hour one way drive from my home…

73 to all,

In reply to N2YTF:
FB Tom and very nice video.

Congratulations on your QSO with “The Goat Guy” (I’ve seen his YouTube videos) and also with Paul G0HNW on 60m. That must be the first transatlantic 60m SOTA QSO. Well done!

73 Marc G0AZS (K1UG)

In reply to N2YTF:
Tom are you doing an activation during the International SOTA Weekend? If so i hope to try again for a S2S, i will watch the video later. Sean M0GIA

In reply to N2YTF:
Hello Tom.
Thanks for your YouTube message.
I watched your other video, quite good.
Ok about flag, you can visit this page:
F4EMK’s friend who makes it.

73 QRO

In reply to F5LKW:
Thanks for the info Roger. I emailed F4EMK and hope to have a flag soon. I would like to carry the flag with me and write the summit name and hike date on the flag each time I climb another hill for the first time. What is the flag made of and does F4EMK make them himself?