Activation report Sengsengebirge ridge traverse: 2 days and 4 summits


With a bit of a delay (hike was mid of May) my video from the traverse of the Sengsengebirge ridge with 4 SOTA summits on the way. Two friends, Fredl and Christoph, are joining this time. They are training for Mont Blanc and carried extra weight for training purposes. All the best for this adventure to them.

We took the route as described here but in reversed direction.
A tough hike with about 2300 m accumulated ascend and 2300 m descend over two days.

About 7 h total each day incl. activations. This time only 2m FM with my FT1xd and the J-Pole. Plenty of contacts as there was a ham radio flee market (Ostarrichi Amateurfunktage) within reach hi
And the situation to stay at one of the rare bivouac shelters in OE/OO region made it unique. The beautiful evening sun set was included for free :slight_smile:

See for yourself:

73 de Joe


congratulations joe,

this is really a fine hike! i did this tour in 2012 in one day, it took me 11 hours in total. back then there was also a fifth summit (gamskogel) to activate but it had to be deleted due to P150 rule.

73 martin, oe5reo

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Hi Martin,

We had a chat about that just recently as I remember. In one day is really tough. Big respect to you. Did you go the same route or another variant?
How much water did you bring for one day? We were okay with 2,5 liters (and melted snow for dinner and breakfast) but the summer recommendation is min. 6 Liters for two days.

73 Joe

i did the ascend to “speringsender” from the south, but the rest of the route was exactly the same. here is my gps-track:

as far as i remember i had about 3 1/2 literes of water with me. for a hot july day (when I hiked) this is the absolute limit! on the last summit “hoher nock” i ran out of water … but on the descent i was very fortunate to find some water at the only water source on the whole path (merkensteinbründl).

Super Video, Joe.
Erinnnert mich an die Tour vor meiner SOTA-Zeit.


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. . . you are unbelievable, hi - congrats, enjoy and stay safe! :four_leaf_clover:

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Hi Markus,

I have been called many thing but unbelievable is new - and massively overrated :blush:
But I take the “enjoy and stay safe”.

73 de Joe