Activation report ON-008

Hello everyone,

With weather predictions very good and a job to do in the Ypres area, I thought it was not such a bad idea to take my gear.

During my short lunchtime break I managed to make 9 QSO on 40 CW. Apologies go to Frank- DL6UNF. As with my first activation on ON008 I managed to get his call wrong yet again. I blame my rusty CW Frank hi!

With the sun shining so beautifully I decided to go for a second activation later in the afternoon after work. Other activators had the same idea because I worked 4 S2S on 40m with: GW4BVE/p, DJ5AA/P, HB9IAB/P and GW0DSP/P. I also worked Mike on my first round from his home QTH. Thank you Mike!. A further 9 stations were added to the list and others were still waiting but I had to call it a day. Sorry for that.

All in all a lovely day. 22 QSO in 9 DXCC.

With my novice license (ON3)now valid in TF,OZ,OY,OX,HB0,PA,YO,HB and DL, this looks very promising for the future. I just hope G and F will be added soon.

Thanks to all I worked and DL7RAG and HB9DOT for spotting me.

QSL’s will be sent through the bureau.

73, Peter, ON3WAB

In reply to ON3WAB:

Congrats on a great activation Peter, you were a very big signal in North Wales 599 rock solid. I’m glad you enjoyed your day.

73 Mike