Activation Report HB/VD-005

Grande Dent de Morcles ,2968 m. asl, 16 Sept 07.
My friend Christin, HB9DBC talked me into this one.He has climbed it several times.A pretty tough and long hike. Leaving home at 06.15 lt, Christians son Adrien kindly conducting us to “les Martinaux” above Morcles on a narrow, steep and bendy road. At 1700 m. asl. saying bye to Adrien at 0800 lt. starting the ascent.
On the shady side of the mountain, cool and windy WX but the steep ascent quickly warming us up. Sometimes not easy to find the trail. Further up some rock climbing in a narrow chimney. Nearing the top the warm sun making us suffer. But when seeing the summit cross from below forgetting the tiredness. At 11.30 lt. shaking hands in front of the summit cross, enjoying the breathtaking scenery , having a drink and some bisquits and looking for a suitable spot to erect the antenna. Fixing the fibreglass pole with the antenna wire on a rock and throwing the radials down the near vertical face.
At excactly noon (10.00 utc) cq SOTA on 7032 kc. Immediate pileup with DL4FCK, DJ5AA, DL2DXA and local friend HB9IIY. After 26 qso s handing the key to HB9DBC/p. Christian needed a little practice with the unusual ATS-3 rig, but beeing a good contest op. he quickly logged some 15 qso s. He enjoyed his first SOTA activity. After some picture taking and the growing wind getting uncomfortable we dismantled the set up and looked for a wind protected spot to have lunch.
At 14.00 lt. started going down towards Ovronnaz , a long 4 hours trek , first some steep rocks, then crossing lunar like stone beds, resting and picture taking near a cave, crossing the Euloi plateau and the final descent. Before entering the village stopping at the creek and putting our poor feet into the chilly water. At the village center checking the Bus timetable. Next Bus at 19.45h, so plenty of time for a cool beer, then eating a “Assiette Valaisanne” a typical local dish of cold meat, cheese, dark bread and white wine.
A one hour trip by Bus took us to Sion and finally the train to Lausanne near our home arriving qt 23.00 lt.
Some pictures and possibly a short video clip will be uploaded.

73, cu
kurt HB9AFI

In reply to HB9AFI:
Hi Kurt

Very nice report.

I was interested to see you mentioned the ATS-3. Was that your radio?

I am looking very seriously at the latest version (the ATS-3B) as a lightweight, multiband, portable CW radio. It seems to be a good balance between weight, power and band versatility.

I would be very interested to hear your opinions on the ATS-3 in this or another thread.

73 Marc GØAZS

In reply to G0AZS:
Yes Marc I have been using the ATS-3 for some 6 months as my main SOTA rig .
It certainly needs some practice to operate but its small and lightness makes it an ideal /p rig…
73 kurt

In reply to G0AZS:
hi Marc , pse ur e-mail, prefer not to use more space on the reflector…

In reply to HB9AFI:

Very interesting report Kurt. A lot of walking and a lot of climbing to activate this summit. Well done - I am sure you enjoyed the beer! I look forward to seeing your photographs.

73, Gerald

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Grande Dent de Morcles ,2968 m. asl, 16 Sept 07.

Hi Kurt,

Walking on hard rocks is indeed bad for the knees. I was there on skis last February, but had to cancel the activation due to bad weather as I told before. The summit is not so difficult (on skis) but need to be careful not to drop from one of the cliffs (photos on my web page if somebody is interested).

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL