Activation report G/SP-005 Pendle Hill 17/05/09

As a regular participant in the RSGB VHF UK activity contests on Tuesday evenings from home, & having participated in one of the 144MHz backpackers contests last year, I thought I’d make a bit more of an effort this year with regard to portable operating.

One of the big encouraging factors in this, has been the success & enjoyment I have had from SOTA, both as a chaser, & more recently as an activator.

You may remember my first SOTA activation on 1st March, Pendle Hill, which was genuinely something I did not intend, but I’d got to the summit & had a radio with me, so I thought, why not?

Since then, I have had the pleasure of activating several other Southern Pennine summits, either on my own, or as a joint activation with Scott, 2E0RCS.

I have really enjoyed all of them, not only for the radio aspect, but also for the healthy exercise climbing hills provides.

I knew several weeks ago that I wanted to participate in this Sunday’s 144MHz backpackers contest, & I had thought long & hard about a suitable location. I am fortunate enough to have 1000 foot plus land very close by that does work very nicely for VHF, which I used last July for testing purposes, but for this year I had bigger ideas.

My experience in March, with only a Yaesu FT290, sat on the ground just next to the trig point of Pendle Hill told me that it is a good spot for VHF :slight_smile:

Maybe that is when the seed was sown in the back of my mind, I had to get back up there with a bit more gear & a decent aerial.

So, that was it,after I’d finished reading the GB2RS news at about 10:10, I set about packing what I’d need for a 144MHz only activation. This reduced the weight I’d normally carry by a large amount (although I think it was leaving the top few sections of my roach pole at home that made it much easier :wink: )

With no HF or 6 metre aerial’s, this was quite a departure from the “norm” for me, & being a both a contest & a return to the place that was a sort of “baptism by fire”, with it being the summit of my first SOTA activation, I chose to do this alone & un-announced.

I have to say, although I was probably carrying more weight that I was on 1st March, I found climbing the hill today quite a bit easier. Maybe the exercise is doing me good after all :slight_smile:

I didn’t get a large number of contest contacts in my log, but it was nice to work several regular sota stations & a few summits too. I spent more time just listening & enjoying being up there :slight_smile:

I do apologise to any chasers that may have wanted to work me on 2M FM, but after looking at the incoming weather I thought it prudent to pack up after working on 4M. It is a good job I did, as while I was folding up my tent the rain started to fall.

In the 10 minutes it took to walk from the summit to the start of the path downhill I got soaked more than I had been throughout the rest of the entire day. There was even some Hail in that rain, & I’m glad I had a hat as I’ve just done my hair & it might have stung a bit :wink:

In any case, I had great fun look forward to doing it again :slight_smile:

The £7 tent from the big shop that rhymes with “Al Fresco” worked fine :slight_smile:

I have uploaded a 29Mb windows media video, which can be downloaded from this link. After my failure at web design last time, the file is linked directly.

I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF

PS Sorry for the gramatical error in one of the captions.

In reply to G0VOF:
Nice Report Mark, shame again about weather!! we cant predict what its going to do and is even worse trying the higher you go up.

If you keep your hair looking good up summits can you pass on your tricks to Elaine,its the only thing she complains about when we out is her hair!! Hi Hi

Your better at videoing than I am too well done on the day.



In reply to G0VOF:

Excellent video Mark. Many thanks for taking the time to show us your activation.

That tent looks really good value. I think I’ll be investing in something like that for the odd protracted stay on a summit, though such events are a rarity in my case as the I am usually dashing around several in a day!

Hopefully I’ll work you on a summit sometime soon.

73, Gerald