Activation Report G/NP-027 16/08/20

A quick report on a nice activation today. Anyone carefully following the alerts will have noticed the alert changing from Tarn Crag (G/LD-026) to Dufton Pike (G/LD-027) this followed a careful look at the weather forcast which seemd to indicate lots of cloud on the higher hiils in the lakes and Dufton Pike is both smaller and nearer so it looked like a nice option. Todays walk also involved exercise for the dog - Woody and my youngest daughter (here in order of loudness)

Dufton seems to be a nice village and has a free car park which made for a good start. We opted to do the shortest route past Pusgill House and up the shoulder of the hill, which despite being quite small still feels like a real hill with a pointy bit at the top.

From the top there are excellent views up High Cup Nick towards Mickle Fell, and presumably when not covered in cloud the Lake District in the other direction.

Despite a strong breeze I set up my 40/60/80 trapped dipole and made a start on 80. Phil G4OBK called me before I started calling CQ having seen my spot. Woody (Loud Springer Spaniel) was also determined to have a QSO and having managed to get him away from the microphone he managed to get himself entangled in the Co-ax. I can confirm that the SotaBeams RG174A/U is strong enough to survive being wrapped around a spaniel - although this is not a reccomended environmental test. I was going to try 40m but the wind increased and looking at the angle of the mast and having not broken anything this seemed like a good time to stop!

For the second activation in a row I managed not only to remember everything needed, but also didn’t bring any mystery items to the summit ( EDIT an additional linked dipole ( 80/60/40/20/17 ) added to the baggage…) - unless I was counting the 2m handheld. 2m was quiet with few responses to my CQ’s Also tried out a new rucksack - thanks to the RAB factory shop near Nottingham - worth looking in if going up the M1!

Really enjoyed the walk, this is one hill I am certain I will be visiting again - and worth a detour off the A66 or even the M6.

Thanks again to all the chasers.

Paul, Emily & Woody…


Thanks for the report and photos Paul. Always good to see the option G/NP has to offer when I run out of G/LD :wink:

Regards, Mark.