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Activation Report G/DC-002

Activation Report G\DC-002

FT817ND + Amp to give about 30w
5000mA 4S LiPo Battery
7.9 m fibre glass mast ( see note )
80/60/40 linked dipole

Getting SOTA in a family holiday is a bit of a challenge, but today the weather gods were on my side, too wet for the beach or more traditional seaside jaunts, but dry enough for a couple of hours to attempt an activation. A quick ask around the house only found one willing volunteer, ( Emily aged 9) who did a really good first job on the map reading getting to the start. The drive to the start is quite interesting going from a winding single track road, to motoring on a WW2 aircraft runway!

We parked at 139819 which had plenty of space.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the hill, it is only a shortish climb, but even under grey skies it was spectacular.

It took about 45mins to the summit. Once at the top with rain approaching I hurried to get the antenna up, with the somewhat predictable result that the dipole and guys turned themselves into an interesting knitting arrangement, at which point the antenna folded up breaking the top section of the mast. My helper was somewhat put off by the collapsing mast!

At the second attempt managed to sit the base of the mast in the trig point, and by inserting the now snapped off part of the antenna in the remains of the mast managed to get on air. I am not sure what happened to 60m, the usual frequency 5.3985 was full of data so tried 5.4035. Put out a couple of calls, but no response, so went up to 40m.

This was much better and the first thing heard on the band was “CQ SOTA” so was really pleased to start with a S2S with OE5REO/P, this was then followed by another S2S with ON9CBQ/P. Followed that with a variety of QSO’s from nearby Devon to Spain.

After 15 minutes the threatening clouds produced the expected rain so did a quick retreat across the moor back to the car.

A very worthwhile walk and a very enjoyable point!

Pictures to follow as uploading from iOS seems to result in strange rotations!

Paul ( G4IPB ) and Emily!


I am pleased that you enjoyed the walk and the activation Paul. Brown Willy is my favourite DC SOTA summit. I chose to add Rough Tor to my itinerary and enjoyed the scramble up that one which has an entirely different character to Brown Willy. I am looking forward to airing my other call on DC-002 when I get time on one of my visits to my daughter in St Austell.

73, Gerald G4OIG