Activation report from LA/TM-247 Malfjell

Today I activated LA/TM-247 Malfjell, which lies within Malfjell natural preservation (LAFF-0499) in South-Eastern Norway. It was a beautiful, but chilly day, and I left right after sunrise, around 0900.

View towards my cottage, about center of the image near the lake

Band conditions were great, with 69 QSO’s in total (22 on 80 and 47 on 40 meters). All were within Europe. There was a big pileup and quite a lot of QRM on 40, but I hope I got to most of the chasers. I got two Summit to Summit QSO’s, which finally brought me over 500 points (thanks @MW0XOT and @SQ9MDF) , and three Park to Park QSO’s.

Some of today’s QSO’s

The pileup was broken when two hunting dogs came over, they had apparently managed to track my chocolate, and in all the commotion they managed to pull out the power lead of my radio. Luckily the chocolate was saved, and the dogs went on to find some elk or whatever they were supposed to hunt.

Radio and chocolate, good combination most days

Chocolate hunting dogs

Hi Bob
Tnx for the contact this afternoon, (keep the chocolate safe) Hi.
73’s Ken G0FEX

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and the safest place is inside oneself…


That’s what the dogs thought… :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was nice to hear. thank you for S2S. I will happily exchange your card SQ9MDF

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Thanks for the image and QSO. Sadly we don’t have paper QSL cards or access to the QSL service for LM10SOTA, but I have sent via eQSL and LoTW.

Glad to see Scandinavian activity, well done! During X-mas I plan to go out no matter weather conditions for a trip myself. Nice pictures and you got lucky with the dogs, hihi.

73 de Jaan

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Hope to work you then, I’m not sure if I have chased a SM SOTA yet, just activated them :wink:

It’s easy to find out. Log in to the database then go to this page which shows all the regions chased and how many summits chased in those regions.

Yep, still missing SM.

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Hi Kjetil, I will notify you when going to my next top, would be great to work you on 80 meter perhaps.

73 de Jaan

Great, looking forward to it. 80 meters in the morning or late evening shouln’t be an issue at all :slight_smile: