Activation report from LA/RL-308 Amdalsfjellet

Amdalsfjellet is a small hill in Tysvær, on the south-west coast of Norway. It is very anonymous amongst many other similar hills, and is one of those places you’d never visit without a specific reason. Luckily someone had thought of making this a SOTA summit.

LA/RL-308 Amdalsfjellet seen from below, nothing special at all from this angle

The climb up was about 30 minutes from the parking lot, and went through very wet marshlands. Before reaching the half-way point I already had mud up to the knees, and walked around in soaking wet boots. After gaining some more altitude the marshlands gave way to more solid rock, and the trip went easier. At the summit I was greeted by a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding areas, the view from here was one of the best I’ve had in this region, and I got to see many of the other SOTA summits I’ve visited from a new angle.

Looking towards LA/RL-292 Hodnafjellet

On the top there were a few trees, a mailbox with a log, a geocache and a trig point. My first QSO was on 2m, which is always a pleasant suprise in this region. We don’t have much traffic on 2m simplex. I then rigged up my vertical antenna for 20m and started calling. In all I got 28 QSO’s on 20m, one on 2m and one on 70cm. All QSO’s were within Europe, and I got no S2S this time.

Map of QSO’s from LA/RL-308, made with QSOmap

As usual I used my Xiegu X108G with a 12m high spiderbeam telescopic mast.

SOTA flag flying high over LA/RL-308


Thanks for the pictures and write up Kjetil as you can see from your map there was no propagation to the UK. I listened for you throughout your activation and heard nothing,hopefully there will be another
time.Have a good week end and thanks for your efforts. 73 Don G0RQL.

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@G0RQL the conditions were a bit strange yesterday, I was wondering why you didn’t chase me :wink: I heard you chasing another SOTA station today, but I was busy doing field day work, so no SOTA for me.

Look forward to working you again some other time. 73!