Activation report from LA/RL-062 Boknafjellet

Today I activated LA/RL-062 Boknafjellet.

I started off before sunrise, and was at the parking lot around 8 local time. Vertical ascent is 193 meters, and horizontal distance is 1.3 km. This makes for a very steep but short ascent, which took me around 30 minutes in the fresh snow today.

Traditional pile of rocks marking the summit. In the background you can see the island I live on

WX forecast said sun, but sadly they were a bit off on that. Conditions on the summit were chilly; 0 °C, winds of 10 - 15 meters per second and at times heavy snowfall made the activation less comfortable than expected.

A small hint of sun in the distance

I stayed on the summit for 1.5 hours, and got a total of 16 QSO’s, some quite long. It was a nice change to do some ragchewing on a summit, and not just pileups. The longest QSO was with a tourist on EA8.

Some of the QSO’s

Thanks to all chasers

Comparing antenna sizes, (Mine is the small one closer to the camera)


Well Done Kjetil,
I did try to call (close to the end of your activation on 40m I think) but you were fairly weak with me and then a high power station came up about 1kHz off your frequency, so there was no chance then!

73 Ed DD5LP.

Sorry I missed you. At the end on 40m there was a very strong station that bumped me over to 20m. I didn’t have much more luck there, but at least there was no major QRM on my end at least.

Let’s hope we meet under better conditions and WX :wink: 73