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Activation Report for DL/AL-109 Wannenkopf on Skis

Hi all,
today, I activated DL/AL-109 Wannenkopf on skis. Many thanks to all chasers:


Sorry that I had to QRT after 15 minutes, it was getting dark and chilly, and I was soloing.

It was a test-run for my new TinySOTA station. The antenna was the proven 3-band EFHW with traps based on Heinz’/HB9BCB design on a 6m carbon-fiber mast.

73 de Martin


(edited): This is a close-up of the TinySOTA station (Mountain Topper 3-B inside) used for the activation. The picture is from another location.

I trust you don’t mind @dk3it - I rotated the two pictures in your first post to get them the right way up. Some cameras don’t actually record the orientation when the picture is taken so you need a photographic tool to change it.


Very good test of beautiful radio.
Carry on, Martin!

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I can recommend XNView (Win) or XNView MP (Win, Linux, MacOS). It has a lot of features for organizing images.
And Lossless JPEG Rotation based on EXIF values. (This is were the camera or phone registers the rotation)


Sorry for hijacking this thread. Enjoying the pictures and report, too :slight_smile:

73 Joe

Thanks! The post was the first I authored on my iPhone, and the images came directly from the camera roll - strangely, the orientation looks correct in Apple’s Photo app. Anyway, thanks to @G0CQK for fixing the issue!

73 de Martin, DK3IT