Activation Report - CE-001 - 26/04 - 50Mhz UKAC

I left home around 1820 was dropped off at the car park by G0LGS at around 1840 where he then left to go down to his usual contesting spot just a little way down the road.

i then walked along the wall/fence line towards the trig point (avoiding the animal manure) ariving at the summit just a couple of minutes later

after placing all equipment on the floor i began to set up the portable shack and antenna starting with the dipole on my newly purchased portable aluminium telescopic mast

by 1930 the 6m dipole was up on the mast which was tied to a nearby fence post and guyed as the wind was beginning to pick up then it was time to set up the portable radio shack (Vango Dart DS 200 - throw up 2 Man tent) then pegged it down and this was completed by around 1940 just 20 minutes before the start of the contest

All that was to be done was to get the FT-817 out of the bag and connect to the 20Ah Slab and fire up the laptop i was sat and ready to go by 1950 which gave me 10 minutes for a tune around and check of swr and also set up the contest in the logging software on the Netbook.

the contest started and a few stations worked then while tuning around i head “ECHO YANKEE PAPA PORTABLE” and thought to myself that’ll be tom on SP-015 so in the log it went and tom thanked me for the summit to summit

then the wind picked up and it began to rain luckily i had brought the tent so i had shelter so threw everything inside and carried on with the contest the wind picked up and the tent was flapping about in the now strong winds but i continued on.

in total 28 contacts all in G altho i did hear GM, GI and EI but not worked unfortunately as they were rather weak on the dipole - time to think about a different antenna for 6m i think possibly directional thinking possibly a 6m 2ele HB9CV as a 6m beam is rather large and bulky to be carrying to a summit even one just up from the car park.

at 22.35 i began to pack away but with strong wind and light showers i did not want to stay outside for too long and so threw everything in my bicycle trailer and thought ill sort all that out later (i still havent done it yet hihi) met G0LGS back at the car at the car park at around 2320 and we headed off back home to Cheltenham.

Many Thanks to all worked and to M1EYP for the S2S

Matt M3WDS

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Nice report, Matt. I would not choose an HB9CV as they are fiddly to assemble and might even need a twiddle on the tuning cap before use. A Moxon is smaller but I don’t know how much work it is assembling the commercial ones.


Brian G8ADD

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Any other recommeded 6m portable antenna?


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Any other recommeded 6m portable antenna?

A simple delta loop, perhaps? There is a design for one on GW7AAV’s web site.

Walt (G3NYY)

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Thanks walt, and Steve of course :slight_smile: