Activation Report BV/TA-008

On the second day of our new year holidays, I went to BV/TA-008, the Dongyan Mountain for my sixth activation with my wife.

We spent more time on the highway than we expected, we arrived the trail entrance at 13:30.

Although we reach the triangulation point at 14:50, ten minutes before the QSV time I post on the SW alert. But we were told that the trail will be closed at 17:00 and we still need time going down, therefore this activation is almost like a flashmob, since we decided to descend at 15:40.

The internet there was on and off, so I had trouble spotting myself, but I was still able to make 4 QSOs, including @ZL1BYZ and @JH1MXV.

I am very sorry to miss @M1EYP Tom’s FT8 contact, let’s try again sometime next week.


Hoping that your XYL enjoys your SOTA adventures, too!

I’m always enjoying reports of community members doing SOTA together with family members or friends.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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