Activation report added: 'GB2WFC' - GW/NW-001 Snowdon SOTA special activation

GB2WFC’ will be on air Wednesday evening 21st December 2022 from the summit of GW/NW-001 Snowdon, Wales’s highest peak!

The special event callsign has been granted to support the ‘NSPCC’ children’s charity, hence the 2WFC - 2022 Walk For Children.

I will be hiking to the top of Snowdon in whatever weather is thrown at me aiming to be set up for around 19:30 UTC. I will callout on every band that is open from 160m - 70cm (not 4m), hoping to make as many contacts as possible! This will also be a SOTA activation, so 10 points will be up for grabs to all SOTA chasers :slightly_smiling_face: or S2S contacts!

This is a great cause and would mean a lot if anyone could support me by donating money to my charity page - link is below:

ALL MONEY GOES TO THE CHARITY - if you are having difficulties accessing this link or do not want to add details they ask for, you can send me a PayPal donation to:

with your name and call-sign at your desire. I will then manually add it onto my donation page.

I can sort eQSL or hard QSL cards out if anyone would like to send one to me and have one back in return - my email and details are all on QRZ under GB2WFC so check this page out, sign the listing with a message and pop me an email and I will have this sorted for you!

For any WAB enthusiasts, I plan to be well with-in 30m of the Snowdon trig point, so please listen out for me to gain a new unique, reference is SH65.

Thank you all very much in advance and I will look forward to working as many stations as I can on the evening - hopefully without any frost bite or looking like a snowman :rofl: a full report will be wrote and published after the event!

Take care and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

73, GW4BML Ben



I have sent you a Paypal donation. 10 points and I am not in the country to get them!

Have a good one, stay safe.


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Just a thought: I remember an occasion (>40 years ago now!) when on a bright and sunny day a party of skilled mountaineers and I failed to get to the summit of Snowdon. Chest deep powder snow from an overnight snowfall proved too much for us. I think your idea is terrific and I will try and work you on as many bands as possible (including 160m) but I hope you have a “plan B”!


Good luck with this Ben!!

If the weather is bad Brian, he’ll just have to walk around the block 1,000 times with Lyra on his back.


Best of luck Ben, I’ve made a donation - I will be in Austria but will try and keep up with spots and if there is a chance of a HF contact I’ll get setup and give it a go (hopefully from the snow!)


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Best of luck Ben, donation just sent & I will work you on 2m from home with a bit of luck.


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Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for the donation - greatly appreciated!

I’m sorry you won’t be about to get the 10 points, but I’ll be back up there in the new year, so I’ll sort you out then :slight_smile:

Have a great holiday!

73, GW4BML Ben

Thank you very much Brian - Urmmmm, plan B :slight_smile: I’ll think of this on the evening if the snow is up to my eyeballs, hi! As Fraser mentions, it’ll be 1000 laps around the village with little Lyra on my back, hahaa.

Will listen out for you!

73, GW4BML. Ben

Cheers buddy - I’m not so sure which one will be the hardest now. Little Lyra is getting heavier :rofl:

73, GW4BML. Ben


Thank you very much Mark - it would be great to work you from Austria if you have your kit and conditions are on our side! I don’t think 20m will be open, but I’m hoping 40m will be to reach over seas :crossed_fingers: have a nice time and take care.

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Thank you very much Neil - we should manage the 2m contact ok. I’m planning to use the slim-g on my 4m pole. Will listen out for you!

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Well at least it should be quiet up there! Stay safe Ben, don’t feel compelled to get there (or stay too long). Unfortunately I have other commitments so doubt that I’ll be able to work you. I’ll be thinking of you though.

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Hi Ben

With current winter conditions 40m is going to be poor at that time of night, I think you might have to major on 80 and topband …


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I’m hoping it’ll be quiet, although I bet there will still be over a handful of people about! Hahaa, thanks Andy, have a nice time where ever you are! I’ll just freeze :rofl:

73 buddy, GW4BML. Ben

Hi Rick,

I’m planning to work stations all over. After monitoring 40m for the past few evenings, EU seems to be strong and USA occasionally. 80m has been poor inter-g but top band has been working well! 2m FM should be the better band to be fair!

Hopefully we’ll make the contact from one band :crossed_fingers:

73, GW4BML. Ben


A week tonight GB2WFC will be on air from the summit of Snowdon :crossed_fingers:

Best wishes for the activation. I’ve just chipped in a little donation but I am away that night so won’t be able to chase you. At least the weather forecast is as good as might be hoped. :slight_smile:

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Current conditions:


Thank you ever so much John - the wx forecast looks to be getting warmer, but from past experience, you can never trust this predicted news :slight_smile:

Looking good Simon @G4TJC I’m hoping we don’t have anymore snow, well at least not until I’ve done the activation :slight_smile: