Activation Report - 40m CW

CE005 Wendover Woods - dusk activation (20 mile detour). Set up in failing light. Slow going. 7 contacts in a little over half an hour. Packed up in the dark. Enjoyed nighttime stroll in the woods.

SE005 Botley Hill. Bright sunshine. Very pleasant activation. 25 contacts. Changed into suit in hilltop car park - ready for work.

SE013 Detling Hill. Balanced astride summit ridge (on picnic table). Bright sunshine. Snow visible to west. Short skip with G0AZS and G3VQO in log. 38 contacts (a record for me). Under-rated hill. I like it - most don’t apparently.

Things went downhill after this; literally. Journey to Bardon Hill CE004 took two and a half hours longer than predicted due to traffic problems.

CE004 Bardon Hill. Overcast and very slight drizzle. 20 contacts. Enjoyable activation.

Top chaser - SM6CMU; got me on all four summits. Thanks.

Equipment: homebrew transceiver (5W), dipole at 6m agl.



Top chaser - SM6CMU; got me on all four summits.

He’s good - he’s in my Cloud All-Time Top Ten.

I don’t really like any of those summits. I suppose I would be drawn to revisit them if I was unfortunate enough to be working in London, something that is thankfully rare (but not unheard of) in teaching.

We’ll probably be on 80 on Friday. Will try for a 2m or 40m CW S2S as well if you’re interested.