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Activation R9U/SO-103

Hello and good health! Today I was on the mountain R9U/SO-103. This time my pack weighed a little less - 15 kg (Hi). The weather was snowy, but temperature - spring : about zero. In the Urals the snow melts in late April, and in the mountains there whole June.Imagine the scene: the month of June, and on activation it is necessary to take skis!(Hi)This time I used the 42m antenna OCF.It works perfectly! I made 38 QSOs and a large mass of QSOs were with Europe and only one QSO on 15 m spent with XV9NPS. It is over 6000 km!!! Soon I will go to another mountain. This is what I will write…
I wkd only QRP! 73&72! de: Vlad RK8A - RW9WR - OK8ACW


Here is a short video : https://youtu.be/qEfe6MO0Ocw

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Wow! Did you carry the table and chair while on skis?? How long is the trip from the car to the summit and how much ascent?

Hi,Gerald! I was at the ski resort and went up by cable car and only 500 m to ski and I at the top! This time was a good walk! But this is the only vertex with the service…

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