Activation on a border ! EA3/LL-045 Tuc de Bacanere


Very chaotic activation for me today at EA3/LL-045 Tuc de Bacanere.

On the summit, I faced strong winds and had to turn back on the north side of the ridge to find a very relative shelter. My mast was flapping like if I had caught a salmon, beating the antenna wire and transmitting the beating noises through RF (how?). I need to figure out a solution for very windy + winter conditions. Thinking about a telescopic vertical antenna …

Anyway, after spotting myself on 40 meters, I got a few contacts (very difficult, I couldn’t copy any call signs because of antenna noises and wind in my ears) and after 15min, as I was freezing, I had to leave. Too bad for the 10m challenge :frowning:

However, I have a question : what about my callsign if I’m activating a summit referenced in Spain but geographically on the border. I was activating from the French side, so I used my french callsign without a prefix. Was it a mistake or not ?

Thank you fellow chasers for being so reactive, F4WBN was already there even before I called CQ <3

73 :slight_smile:


Hi Rémy,
Well seen! You were French side of the border so you were F4…it’s quite correct.
Yes there were cuts at the beginning of your activity but nothing bad. Thank you for this new one for me and all my best wishes for 2024 !
73 Chris