Activation OK / OM / HA

Hello Hams in OK / OM / SP / HA
I can not specify a precise date and time for my actications, that’s why I write here, not in SOTAwatch.
On my trip 16.08. - 05.09.2015 trougth Beskydy, Mala Fatra, Vysoke Tatry, Nizke Tatry and on the end some days on Balaton lake I want to activate some SOTA-Summits.

My SW-Rig is not ready.
But I have for portable a powerful Rig for VHF / UHF : 50W FM + Yagi 8dB
Distance 200-300 (500) km possible.
More information:

Beskydy: Some summits over 1000m
(~16. - 20.08.2015)
(20.08.2015 - …)
Mala Fatra: Some summits over 1000m : Mala Krivan, Velky Krivan, Stoh, velky Roszutec
Zpadne Tary: Some summits over 1000m
Vysoke Tatry: Krivan, Rysy
Nizke Tatry: Zvolen, Velka Chochula, Chopok, Krokova Hola…

If WiFi is available, I will send from my Android-Tablet a message in SOTAwatch.

  • Which QRG ? 145.500 / 145.575 ?
  • Its possible only on weekends?
    How is the situation monday-friday?
  • Does anyone have more hints?

Hans-Jürgen DL3HJG

Hi Hans-Jürgen!

We are very pleased to your plans visiting Hungary. We do not have summits above 1000 m ASL here in Hungary, but there are plenty of lower summits in lake Balaton area, worth to visit. Southern shore is better for being on the beach but less optimal for SOTA. The only summit I suggest there, is HA/ND-012. It is directly on shore, easily accessible, almost “drive-in”, and has a lookout tower and nice picnic site on the top. Other summits of this area have nothing special, the attractive summits on HA/ND region are petty far, close the southern border of Hungary.
Northern shore is much better for SOTA, there are number of summits with picturesque view from the top. Some of them have lookout tower (HA/KD-019, KD-020), ruins of medieval castles (KD-030, KD-041) or special geological formations (KD-022, KD-038). Sometimes the ascent to top is very steep, but there are well marked, easy to follow hiking path. If you need more info about specific summit, just let me now, I’ll try to provide.
Activating a summits only 2 m FM on weekdays might be a challenge, but with 50 watts output shouldn’t be a problem. The common SOTA frequency in HA is 145 525 kHz. Sending an alert onto Sotawatch is useful but IMHO posting a message on our local “Gyalogradio” mailing list is more effective.So as you have more concrete plans, please inform me, and I’ll post it, if you wish. Announcing the start of activation on nearby repeaters also works. If 145 525 fails, you can try 145 400, this is the “parking” QRG for HAMs of this area.
Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions, feel free ask them any time.

Janos, HA4FY
SOTA HA/KD regional manager