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Activation of ZS/KN-098

And so our day ends. We decided last night to activate a summit today … decisions, decisions! Sid needed 3 points to reach 400 activators points. Nearby summits are 1 pointers, I was looking for a 4 pointer and then found ZS/KN-098. It’s a 2:40 hrs drive from our QTH. The summit is on a farm that is part of the Melville Park Farm Trust, the gate wasn’t locked so we went onto the property to see if we could get permission. One of the farm workers said that we could go up to the summit, it’s a ride up with a ± km to walk. When we were about a quarter of the way up, Sid realized he didn’t have the mast so trekked back and I carried on up. Once we had set up the station as you are aware the ICOM 703 wouldn’t transmit, Sid then went back to Kirby (our Toyota 4x4) to fetch the Yaesu, while waiting for him I decided to fly the SOTA flag half mast to honor our ICOM, she has been faithful for 95 % of my activations, flown with us to Australia and New Zealand. Anyway Sid started calling CQ and there was nothing, we had forgotten to connect the antenna :sweat_smile: once that little problem was sorted, we had 10 QSOs in 16 minutes. Sid wanted to test 21 MHz, wow :astonished: Sid had a QSO with HB9BHW and I had one with YO8SSB, we were both elated. Light rain started falling and we decided to wait and see if it would clear, as the rain wasn’t letting we decided to pack up, to say we were wet is an understatement, but the Yaesu was dry​:thinking: back at the vehicle the rain had stopped and the sun was shining and we could at least dry ourselves off, fortunately we have towels in the SOTA box of tricks. After having a late brekkie and coffe we set off to look for future summits. On the way home we both thought that the wheel alignment was out, until a car showed us that there was a problem with the tyre. One of the potholes we unfortunately connected. Sid was busy changing the tyre when the rain came down again, we were both drenched again, I couldn’t sit in the vehicle while he was out in the rain. A golf stopped and three young guys (Clinton, Duncan, and Jason) got out they had driven past and saw Sid changing the tyre, turned around to come and help, they actually took over. What a lovely end to the day, I was standing there thinking that nobody stops to help anyone and here these young gentleman did just that.


Hi Adele,
out of interest, what power, mode and antenna were you using please?

73 Ed.

Hi Ed, we were running 15w, mode ssb and a linked dipole. Sid and I are hoping to work you on the 10 March. Unfortunately our CW is not up to scratch to make any contacts.
Sid and Adele

Hi Adele, Hi Sid,
That’s great news - similar to what I normally run, but of course the chasers that you worked would have larger antennas and more power. So S2S is going to be difficult.
By the way, having CW wouldn’t help with me I only use SSB!

73 Ed.