Activation of today

I had alerted an activation of Grosser Höllkogel, OE/OO-022, which is the highest summit in the mountains of Höllengebirge. The weather today was great for hiking: frozen ground, air temp of 5°C, blue sky and lots of sunshine. On my way out I could activate Alberfeldkogel, OE/OO-034, en-route. From there I found the trail to OO-022 more and more covered with ice. I finally did have to turn back about 100m below the summit. I did expect some patches of snow, but the final ascent which is from the north, was totally ice coverd. For these conditions I should have brought crampons or at least walking poles. I did see some people make it to the summit, but they were better equipped then I => Lesson learned!

I appologize to all who where waiting for my signal from this 8-pointer. On the way back I did activate Plediridl, OE/OO-235. So I had a nice hiking tour through the early winter and two 6-pointers activated. Not a bad day.

I met Christian, OE5HCE on OO-235 and he made fotos/videos which I trust will appear on youtube shortly.

OO-022 is not forgotten, but postboned to next spring then.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP/5