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Activation of OE/VB-069, Trittkopf today

Hi, apologies that I did not know the summit reference of Trittkopt 2720m today. It was a second choice after the snow slopes on the planned peak proved unsafe to climb. I also had a mobile phone failure, perhaps owing to the low temperature. I’ll keep the phone in a pocket from now on. My SMS spot was achieved using a spare phone carried for emergencies.

It was superb day for skiing and climbing up to the summit. Bright sunshine and little windchill. Super ski back down into Zurs. Trittkopf 2720m; OE/VB-069.

Thanks to David (EI7GEB) for spotting me and all of the 20m contacts today, despite the contest.



Cool :grinning:
Shame conditions so bad today did listen for you :scream:


Thanks Karl, bit cloudier here today but hope to activate another peak before the snow arrives.



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