Activation of Mt. San Antonio aka Mt. Baldy (W6-CT

Hi all. Had a decent activation yesterday up on Baldy, just north of Los Angelas, CA. I made it to the top in under four hours from the Manker Flats campground, and immediately started working on 20 meters from my 10060’ perch. Bad news: Not a single respond to my CQs on the frequency I posted in the alert. Then I tried 12 meters, with no luck. Dejected, I pushed on over to 146.52 and made a couple local contacts, and then QSYed to 10 meters to ensure that my 817 wasn’t shot. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

20 Meters then came a bit more alive, although my original frequency still yielded no responses to my CQs. So I went searching up and down the dial and managed to pick out another portable station in Aberdeen, WA (KF7RES) to round out the activation.

20M was a lot tougher than I expected, especially for weekend. Not sure why it’s so easy to knock out a few QSOs on one day, and on another day it takes some real hard work.

At any rate, thanks to all who I had a chance to enjoy a QSO with. Baldy has once again been activated, and after all is said and done, it was successful. QSOs were ultimately had on 2M, 10M, and 20M, and I got a good workout in on a 14 mile hike with 4000’ of elevation gain.


Hi Nate

I should have turned on my HT for the day, since I have line of sight to Baldy. I worked K6TW on FM a few weeks ago that way.

Are you a member of the North America SOTA group on yahoo?


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Thanks for the pointer to nasota. I’m still pretty new to the community, so it’s much appreciated.

I’ll be heading up to Yosemite shortly, and my plans include an activation of Half Dome, Clouds Rest, Mt. Hoffman, Mt. Dana, and possibly White Mountain (in the White Mountain Range, my first 14k’ peak!)

Hopefully it’ll be a productive time.


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Very pleased to hear about those possible activations Nate. Several of them have been covered by the legendary wilderness writer Tom Stienstra. Please include 40 meters, the only band that might work for me. See you then.

Elliott, K6EL