Activation of Monte Alfeo I/ER-014 on 19/12/2023

Before the end of 2023 I wanted to take advantage of the dry cold weather we are enjoying in my area, so I kept my work calendar empty for today and decided on Monte Alfeo I/ER-014, a summit I already knew.

The day started with a frosted windshield, so I had plenty of clothing layers and hot tea in a flask (foreshadowing…).

I parked the car in the small village of Campi, 779 m asl, and started my ascent at 0810 local time.

The path up to the summit is heavily damaged by wild boars, we’re experiencing overpopulation of this species and they’re making a mess of everything.
Every step you take is on uncertain terrain, all the stones have been turned and unstable, the descent was almost as tiring.

Soon enough it was clear that the layers I was wearing weren’t necessary, temperatures were exceptionally mild and I started disrobing.

It took about 2h15m to reach the summit, pathway markers are faded and some of them are visible only from one side, so I might not have taken the optimal route. The last 15 minutes are very steep and you feel on your back every unnecessary RF connector you might have brought “just in case”.

I had a quick bite, drank some tea and set up station.
First QSO was on 2m FM, a station about 80 km from there, not bad for a 5W HT and its short whip. Next was the Elecraft KX2 and a 40m EFHW, I decided to use 10W, with the benefit of hindsight I should have started with 5W in order to work the easy stations and make my life easier while copying CW: my Morse proficiency is not what I’d like it to be and while I can easily manage chasing an activator, being on the other side of the pile-up is a whole another matter.

  • 6 QSOs on 60m
  • 7 QSOs on 30m
  • 18 QSOs on 20m (slightly overwhelmed by the wall of chasers)
  • 3 s2s

I apologize to all chasers and activator whose callsigns and names I’ve butchered, thank you for your patience and the many repeats.

Ah, I almost forgot! Another 2M FM QSO before coming down, this time from 160 km.

Special mention for @GW4BML, Ben I wanted to congratulate you on-air, but then I choose to avoid adding further chaos to my unsteady keying.

Bonus picture: the Ligurian sea from afar.


A sky that blue should be illegal :slight_smile:


Great repot and photos Carlo @IU1KGS - thank you very much for picking me out of your pile-up :grinning: and also thank you for the congratulations!

It was good to work you and now you’ve put pictures up, I feel jealous of the lovely blue sky you had whereas it was raining and cloudy in GW at the time, hi.

Take care, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I look forward to many more qso’s in 2024 :+1:

73, Ben


I heard you on 20 mtrs, very very weak signal.
Attempted some call but you did not copy me.
Fantastic images anyway, congratulations for the “blessed” activation.

'73 de ik6bak, Eliseo.

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Great report Carlo !

73 And IW0HK

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