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Activation of LA/HM-007

Hi all.

During the period 7-10 of july we are 3 hams that will try to do some SOTA activity from Norway.

We will be on a 4-5 day walking trip with full camping equipement and of course some ham radio. If the weather permits we will try to activate LA/HM-007 and perhaps also LA/HM-008 and 005.

I have checked the weather forecast for the period, and it seems to be raining all the time we are walking. If the weather is to bad (fog and thunder) it will not be possible to activate any summits, but we will of course try to work some radio from lower ground when putting up the tents.

We will start the trip on tuesday afternoon, but it will take some time to
reach the summits. Hopefully we will be active from wednesday.

Rigs will be QRP (4-5 watt) and wire antennas.
We will try to work on all HF fq’s and 50MHz.

The operators will be: SM0GNS/Peder, SM0NJO/Magnus and SM5HJZ/Jonas.

I do hope that we will be able to activate the summit since it will be our first activation.

72/73 to you all

/Peder, SM0GNS

In reply to SM0GNS:
Welcome to Norway!

I hope you will be able to activate some or all of those summits. Will there be any SSB activity or just cw?

Good luck and enjoy your trip!



Edit: I have written a short entry on http://la1tpa.blogspot.com/ about your upcoming trip.

In reply to LA1TPA:

Hi again

Here is some info about our atempt to activate LA/HM-005,007,008.

During tuesday, after a 600 km trip with the car and a 30 minute walk, we put up our tents for the evening. This should be our “basecamp” for the next days.

Late on tuesday evening it started raining, and it continued all wednesday.
We stayed at the camp and worked some radio with the FT-817.
On thursday it stopped raining but still very windy, but we decided to try to reach one of the summits.

After a long walk (over 3 hours) we ended up at a small lake bewteen the south and the middle summit (LA/HM-008 and 005). The lake is located at 1200 m.

After a cup of coffe and a sandwich, we decided to try to reach the middle summit that is located at 1755 m.
From the lake there is a small trail that goes very vertical to the top, and after over an hour of walking/climbing, we ended up att 1500m.

The wind started to increase so much, that when you stood up, you could easily be thrown down the hillside if you wasn’t carefull.

As the tree of us is responsible ham’s we decided it was better to give up the atempt and be safe instead of risking anything.

The walk back to basecamp went quicker since it was downwards, and after a total of 10 hour trip we were back again.

And later on wednesday evening it started raining and become very windy again.

Even if we did not reached the summit, we all had a very nice time.

Now when I am back in Stockholm again, I am trying to clean and dry all my wet equipement (tent, sleepingbag …)

73 to you all

/Peder, SM0GNS

In reply to SM0GNS:
I’m sorry that you didn’t reach the summit but you made the right choice. Safety first!


Hi Peder,

There are plenty of summits you can activate in Sweden. Lots of them have not been activated. I would advise you to activate some of the summits in Sweden because it is a rare SOTA association.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

Hi Jimmy (and Mads)

Yes, I know that, but the reason choosing the LA/HM-summit was that one of my ham friends had been in the area many years ago, and he was very facinated by this summit.

Hopefully I, and a friend will try to activate a summit in SM next weekend.
Probably in the SM/DA-area.
But as usual, all depending on the weather and unexpected circumstances…

72/73 de Peder SM0GNS

Hi Peder,

Good Luck with your SOTA activation next weekend. Hope the weather is good. All noted about your friend about fascinated about the LA/HM area.

Hope you get into the SOTA fever.

Jimmy M3EYP