Activation of LA/AA-108, Skogestøylheii

Yesterday I activated LA/AA-108, Skogestøylheii. Hike up there was pretty easy, 160 height meters, took about 45minutes.

Setting up didn’t take long and I was a bit excited about the amount of QSO’s I would get, since I didn’t manage to send out a alert as I was unsure of the exact timing. This was uncovered territory, I’ve never been there before, and there are no marked trails. All maps and compass (and GPS as a backup and summit confirmation).

Initially, things were a bit dull, but then it sped up, and suddenly I found myself in a pileup. No doubt thanks to S52CU who posted a spot. (Thank you for the QSO as well!)

Rig is a HB-1B, GP for 20m, T1 tuner, a small home made powerconverter and 8xAA rechargables.

Ended up with 17 QSO’s before the wind picked up dramatically and we had to wrap it up. We were quite exposed at the summit - things change quickly in Norway, it’s a thing you need to expect, and respect :slight_smile:

I plan to do a couple more during the week - we’ll se how the WX turns out :slight_smile:

Best 73