Activation of I/CA-060 Mt Vesuvio

Hi there,
Today I activated Versuvio, the walk up from the car park is relatively easy, quite a large crowd.

My question relates to activating within the activation zone. Versuvio is tightly governed in relation to the areas you can now access. The actual summit point is in a restricted area unless you are a vulcanologist doing research.

The summit is marked as 1281 metres, I was able to activate at aproximately 1200 (+ or -) metres therefore, according to the rules, I was not within 25 vertical metres of the summit therefore not a valid activation.

To prevent others incorrectly claiming the summit as a valid activation, I suggest that a notification be placed on the database by the Association Manager similar to the one on VK3/VC-004 basically indicating that if any activation is claimed then a letter of authority from those managing the site be produced to the Association Manager. This approach would then set the boundary for future activations.

Vesurios is a dangerous site with considerable loose rock and very steep slopes. The volcano is also listed as an active volcano.

I’d love to claim the summit as an activation as I did travel from Australia for this and other Italian summits. I’d appreciate the comments from others on this topic. I apologise to the chasers I spoke too today and there inability to claim the summit as a valid activation.


Brian, you can log in and enter a note about access on the summit info page for this summit yourself.

Sorry Ed, but I don’t agree with this. This isn’t the only summit in the world with access issues and I’m sure that the subject has been discussed before on this site. If you can’t get to the activation zone (legally or with permission) then you can’t activate the summit. Sorry but there are plenty of other hills within the rules.


In any case, it isn’t the AM that can make exceptions to the General Rules, only the MT can do that. Defining exceptions would be very tricky and in the case of active volcanoes the crater would change after each eruption and is often subject to rapid erosion, so the summit data would need occasional updating.