Activation of G/WB-019

Short walk onto May Hill G/WB-019 from the NT parking space at SO 688 213. I was hoping for some 70cm contacts but after calling CQ for 10 minutes with no joy I switched to 2m. Even this only yielded 1 contact with M0WYB. I thought I may have more luck from here with just the handheld being close to some major towns…
Luckily I’d packed the trusty FT817 and the AlexLoop antenna and had more luck on 17m & 20m. 6 quick contacts including a S2S with DL/ON4UP/p on DL/AM-180.

5w from the Wouxun handheld followed by 5w from the FT817.


Did you operate sat down from that position with the handy on 70cms? Try standing at the edge of the flat top next time… there was probably too much reflection of your own signal from the ground interfering with your direct signal.


I remember activating May Hill a couple or so years ago.

Beyond being a pretty location I remember walking by “panda style” cows on the way up.

I use a roll up slim Jim hanging from a mast which greatly enhances the efficacy of a 144/440 handheld.

Snap is the setup last week on a local SoCal peak called Cuyamaca.

The take off from that sudden drop is going to be excellent compared with operating from the middle of a plateau with the same antenna.

I can’t see what sort of aerial you are using but I think it is just a stick aerial on the handy and, as mentioned, you are sitting under the trees. You need some take-off (OK it is a pretty flat top but there is a small embankment) and a chance for your signal to get out in, ideally all directions. Even standing on the embankment would give you some height and I would expect you would get some more 2m fm contacts. 70cm is more difficult but you can always ask your 2m contacts if they can QSY to 70cm and many will have a go. We visit that hill every year (and sometimes it is difficult) and I was up there for the 6m challenge a month ago but I squeezed in a 70cm with G1ERM (Darren in Swindon) who I seem to be getting on almost every hill at the moment (eg GW/SW-020 yesterday) so someone is likely to be listening. That time the wind was so strong I was sheltering back down the hill against some gorse bushes BUT I did have a dual band dipole up as high as I dared in the wind. cI suggest you choose a hill with better take-off next time (one of the Clee hills?) and if possible, get a better aerial - then enjoy the fun!
73 Viki M6BWA