Activation of G/SP-004 Shining Tor

After being a SOTA chaser for a few years I decided to activate Shining Tor.

I did plan to activate this on Thursday 29th, but Mike 2E0YYY said there was more chance of there being a lift on 2 meters on the Friday.

It was bit windy on the way up… and even more at the summit, but luckily there was a stone wall to duck behind!

A slow start with 2E0YYY/P Mike coming in strong from Stoke followed by another contact in Walsall…
More CQ call followed by silence, but then it happened, just in the noise… EI9GLB! Too a few attempts to get the call sign and location but it was an EI station on 2 Meters! Thanks for the Contact Jim.

A few more calls and the contacts game in waves. Stations from Oswestry, Elsemerer, Stockport, Lemster Oldham, and many more!

11 contacts on a FT-60 5 on a FT857 (A friend messaged me about not hearing me on the Isle Of White, but the lift had gone)

Two good points for this activation, Getting the Ireland contact, and accidently joining a Sports cars rally. The bad point? Some “Person” Broke my door mirror.

Thanks for all the contacts hope to do another SOTA soon!
73 M6KIO-Dom