Activation of DM/BW-102 on April 16th 2020

On Thursday, April 16th I was additionally activating DM/BW-102 on short notice. This seemed to cause confusion with RBNhole because there were spots with DM/BW-661 when I was already sitting on DM/BW-102. I tried to announce the correct reference more often but I can see from my log that some chasers mixed up the summits.

Please check the following times in your log:
My last QSO on DM/BW-661 was at 12:29 utc
My first QSO on DM/BW-102 was at 14:16 utc

Sorry for the confusion!
Thanks for the QSOs,
Roman - DL3TU

RBNhole wasn’t confused at all, it did exactly what it was told. :wink:

If your plans are subject to change then alert using a wildcard. RBNhole will spot the wildcard and people will have to listen to what you send to get the reference. Put info in the alert comment as to which summits you intend to activate.

…or edit your alert for the first summit when you change plans. Add “NORBN” in the comments field and everything is fine. This of course relies on cell phone coverage.

I saw your spots with mixed-up references, but from the context it was clear that RBNhole is wrong.

73 Heinz

Well, it wasn’t really a change of plans. I activated the three summits (DM/BW-848, -659, and -661) in the order I had set the alerts the day before.
I had in mind to activate DM/BW-102 as well, but only decided to do so when it became clear that there was enough time.

Heinz, do I understand this right: I could have added “NORBN” to my alert for my previous summit (e.g. after I went QRT on DM/BW-661) and no further spots would have appeared for this reference?

thanks and 73,

Not quite. When you add NORBN to an alert, it is not spotted by RBNhole. So you would not have been spotted on BW-661 nor BW-102.

Hi Roman,

If you have alerted multiple activations than you have to add “NORBN” to each of them. RBNhole then ignores these alerts. It might even work in lower case letters, but not sure.

For guidance on RBNhole look here: RBNHole | VK3ARR's SOTA Blog

73 Heinz

EDIT: According to the above linked document the correct string would be “RBNN” or “NoRBNHole” or “NoRBNGate”

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Hi Roman,

I have as follows:
2020-04-16 10:04 SP9MA DL3TU/P DM/BW-659
2020-04-16 14:40 SP9MA DL3TU/P DM/BW-102

Is that OK ?

For RBN gate mistakes I have one medicine: always to edit my alert before come to next summit.

All the best.

73, Jarek

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… thanks all for the hints! And thanks Heinz for looking up the correct string!

QSL, Jarek, both references are correct. I remember you asked me for the ref when we had the second QSO.
I can only encourage everybody to do so when in doubt :wink:

73, Roman


Hello Roman.
You can prepare your spot before, it is not a problem.
Just including the following alert. I do like this when I’m not sure about my timetable:
10:00 utc — DM/BW-XXX
12:00 utc — DM/BW-XXX
You can be sure, one the chasers will spot you with the complete REF.
And so on

73 QRO

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Hi Roman,
I had the same issues when activating multiple summits (either planned or spontaneously driving to another one). After I encountered this, I started to add a spot or edit the existing one o ce I arrived at the parking lot of the second summit. (There, I usually have a good estimate when I’ll be on the air). Since I do this, I never had problems with wrong RBN spots again. I did the wildcard spotting already, but I prefer the convenience of RBNHOLE during my CW activations.

73 Jens HB9EKO

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… thanks Roger and Jens!

Took a note in my lessons learned :slight_smile:
73, Roman