Activation of Breitenberg DL/AL-158


many thanks to all who contributed to another successful activation today. The weather was fine, although it was only 5°C when I went off the car. The weatherman had reported an inversion and indeed you could feel the temperature rising with every 20 minutes of ascent to an almost pleasant 10°C on the summit. The surprisingly mild late November day attracted quite a few hikers and as the summit became more and more crowded, it took some time to answer all these questions from interested people - Luckily the cable car which leads up from the town of Pfronten actually is under revision, thus out of service, otherwise I probably would have had to queue for accessing the last metres to the summit. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I did announce the altitude as 1885 metres, but in fact it was only 1838 metres, apologies for the mistake. I also had to qsy two times due to callers who occupied my qrg and started to cq themselves, they obviously were not able to copy my signal.

As the sun disappeared behind some clouds it became quite chilly but I had a great day! Many thanks again to all callers - cu from the next summit!

73 Bernhard DL4CW