Activation OE/NO-210

Well, where to start.
First of all - sorry chasers, there was no time for putting up a SW-station.
Some thoughts came to my mind at this borderline activation, some people will call it near-death experience (I do not want to exaggerate, everything fine for me, I was just completely exhausted, found myself in a suspicious avalanche region, equipment failed, I wanted to give up twice, but I was at a point of no return, and then daylight passed away… ).
I thought about getting mail from the MT some day: "Don’t make documentation of your activities, or even better: don’t do these kind of activities ". I’m ok with what I’m doing, but I don’t want to be a role-model. If someone tries to do the same thing the next day and she/he dies, I will feel a bit guilty, I guess. If you’re getting in trouble up there - no helicopter, because of missing daylight, fog, snowfall, heavy winds. Even if you can submit your exact location, it will take HOURS till someone starts seeking your body.
I was reminded of Terminator 1 when I continued walking while ripping off the flesh from my bones (just the skin in my case). Leukoplast® saved my day.
Am I getting too old for this kind of fun?
Why did I start that late today? Lockdown-rules. If you want to exit (not to enter!) the district where the summit was located, you have to bring a test result not older than 48 h, They messed up my mail address, so I didn’t get the result until 10 AM.

Everything peaceful an calm at the summit, like perfect Christmas, no wind, some snowflakes, but nobody should be there at this very moment.
skiing boot failed after 31(!) years of service - rather sorry. repair? (hi).

Was it worth the winter extra points? For me and if you’re interested to experience your final limits, or intending self-annihilation - yes, If you don’t want to die today - no.

hpe cu sn 73 Martin


Hi Martin. I think we all had the one or two similar summits. Hope I got a little wiser because of that :).