Activation Mt Conness W6/SN-024

W6 chasers:

Ted VK1BL is planning an activation of Mt Conness W6/SN-024, 10 points, first time activated. His alert indicates 0330Z today 25/8/2018. He has a KX3 and plans to operate CW on HF but can operate SSB and FM on 2m, for which he has a small beam. He would be stoked to get some contacts within the range of that summit on 2m ssb, cw or fm.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

I will be just a bit North of you tomorrow on 4 different peakz. W6/ND-{001,2,4} and W7N-TR-001, we can probably 2m that, but I will also do some ssb/cw too. I will listen for you on 146.52, and 146.55

I am not the activator in this case. It is a friend from vk1 who is the activator.

Good luck with your activations anyway.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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we missed each other for s2s, but I did get the VHf chase on him!

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great - I didn’t see any spots for him, do you know whether he qualified the summit (>=4 contacts)?

Andrew, I see there are 4 x 2 metre qso’s listed so looks good.
Had a look at the topo map & looks like quite an adventure, requiring some acclimatization for altitude.
Started feeling its effects at 2800m and at 5000m in Peru, well, glad we were on a bus!

Great! I am looking forward to hearing all about it when he returns.

There was at least 90 minites from when I heard his first cq on 2m and subsequent return. I had good luck on ssb and cw yesterday and was in the area, so guessing as long as he did not have any equipment issues he probably got it! That is an area where he could be successful with 2m only too, the Bishop Am Club has come thru for me before