Activation GW/NW-001 25th Sep 2015

What a fantastic day out even with limited views from the summit.

Early start and everything looking good having set off from the car park at Pen-y-Pass. Pedestrian mobile setup with an Alice frame backpack FT817, a 4.2 aH Lipo battery, Outbacker Perth antenna strapped to frame and various counterpoises.

Once at summit, much earlier than expected, no view whatsoever, damp and cold so went in cafe for a coffee and Welsh Oggie (a pasty which was good!!)

Set up the antenna and counterpoise for 20m on the backpack, switched on and immediately got a OK/G4OBK/P in the Czech Republic, followed by MW3PZO (Sorry Sean logged you as 7MHz) who lives on the edge of Snowdonia.

Promising start but then absolutely nothing for over 75mins. Changed to 40m and again struggled to make any contact could hear plenty but I was far too faint to QSO. Finally, I contacted GB15NH at the Newark Hamfest, and Andy (I think - memory poor) helped me to get a quota by passing me around other ops. Thanks guys really appreciated it.

Not overly happy but finding out SOTA can be challenging. Still plenty of interest in what I was actually doing, usual comment upon hikers seeing the antenna “Have you been fishing or caught many with that rod up here?” Ah well, keeping things light ended up explaining that “the fishing line (counterpoise) wasn’t long enough to reach the lake below it looks much closer in the pictures”

Eventually the clouds fleetingly cleared at bit and the views were superb if not perfect for photos before the clouds came in again. Made worse when the steam train arrived :~)

Changed back to 20m and what a difference in conditions picking up 24 contacts including Matt, KA1R plus a few S2S. Now that made the day complete!!

Even got brave standing near the edge to take pictures before setting off down the Miners track to the car park. (Ok so not that close )

That was my ninth activation and looking forward to the next.

Many thanks to all the chasers.

de Neil G(W)0WPO/P


Hi Neil

Thank you for the s2s on Friday whilst I was on Rhobell Fawr GW/NW-021…I had a ‘heads up’ from Sean PZO saying that you were on Snowdon so a quick link change to 20m and you were in the log. I could see the mist on Snowdon whilst the XYL and I were in glorious sunshine :slight_smile: I then had to QSY higher as Manuel EA2DT knew I was there…almighty pile-up followed including KA1R.:slight_smile:

Glad you had a nice day…looking forward to the next s2s with you.

73 Allan GW4VPX

HI Neil

Thanks for posting this info - when we worked last Friday I was unaware you were on a summit! Please correct my callsign in your log - you won’t get the asterisk against the QSO otherwise…

Thanks for hearing me and giving me an S2S QSO and 10 Chaser points.

73 de Phil OK/G4OBK/P (Not OKB)

Oops. Sorry typo :~}

Hope to work you again