Activation GM/WS277 Apology to chasers

I have recently started using CW for my activations. Today on GM/WS277 I had what was to me a huge pile up! The temperature was -9C with some windchill ie very cold. I worked as many stations as I could but lost the feeling in my fingertips! My partenr also started suffering from the cold so I curtailed the activation prematurely. If you were one of the chasers trying to work me I am sorry I had to shut down before making a QSO. I will always try and work everyone who I can hear and am very grateful for all the contacts. Next time we will pack some extra warm gear!!

My CW skills are slowly improving. My thanks to all you patient chasers! I will be working at a faster speed soon I hope and thus be able to work more chasers before the frostbite sets in! For me CW is a new and exciting enhancement to my SOTA activities, using a home brew rig (PFR-3 kit). I hope to be able to work everyone in the pile up next time!