Activation - GM/SS-283 - 26/01/18

Hi all!

ALERTS doesn’t appear to be working? So:

GM/SS-283 tomorrow (26th) - 5.362-usb - 1300hrs Z and 5.3985-usb, 7.118-usb, and 145.5/400-fm

Looking forward to working some Chaser?


Hi jack, yes with the database server down, I think the Alerts page is not working. You can however spot via SMS or Smartphone app to the spots page it appears, just not via the SOTAWatch2 webpage.

Hi All

Alerts down so: G/NP024 Hoove tomorrow, 26th 1200hrs 145.500 fm
Many thanks
Dave G3TQQ/P

This thread might be of interest to you Dave (and Jack):

Hi Jack,
I’ll dig out the hand held and stick it on the beam. I haven’t had much chance of SOTA of late but fancy chasing this one for the complete.
Wx looking good as well.
73 Neil

Thanks Ed


Evening/Morning Neil,

Yes down to my last three on the Cowal peninsula. And 27 left of the SS’s. ABW - all complete by May before the vegetation & midges ‘kick-in’ (and dem der midges hay big tackety boots :spider: ). Catch you on 2 FM?

And a good Burn’s Night - ‘A Man’s A Man for Aw That’ - wise words (:>J

Good Luck with Hoove, watch the large puddle ( Small pond ) about 20m from the summit - ( About where the end of a 80m dipole would be ). Some activators might miss it when unraveling the knitting… :smile: