Activation G/SP-005

After a few months unable to do any strenuous walking due to injury and after trying G/SP-004 last week, I decided to activate Pendle Hill G/SP-005 today.
I decided to pack light and try the Wonder-Wand whip with tuneable counterpoise and the FT-817… more on that later.

As I had plenty of time I decided to walk from the village of Barley, rather than driving further up the hill beyond the village.
The car park in the village now charges, I seem to recall on previous visits that is was a honesty box system. Anyway £3.00 for all day parking.

The walk starts with an amusing sign from a local farmer:

And it’s not long before the hill comes into view:

Decision time; to the left the longer but less steep path, to the right the steep but short path. Feeling brave I opted for the latter :slight_smile:

After a bit of a slog I reached the activation zone and set up on the handy stone bench sheltered by the wall

After disturbing some wildlife…

The station was set up:

Nice views from my operating position:

I spotted myself on 20m and called CQ but - nothing. It was just the same on 40m. I tried both several times but still no chasers. :frowning: I hadn’t expected great things from the Wonder-Wand antenna, and it certainly met my expectations!.
Thank goodness for 2m FM!
8 contacts made including 6 S-S!

MW0MZB/p on GW/NW-028
GW4VPX/p on GW/NW-002
G4TJC/p on G/SP-011
M0WML/p on G/NP-018
and finally just as I was packing up:
MW0MZB/p again this time on G/NW-013

I headed over to the trig point before heading down again:

This time via the longer less steep path and following the stream back into the village

where I treated myself

and noted the recycling of old wellington boots :slight_smile:

A good day out, sorry to all the chasers who may have been listening after my multiple spots on HF, I shall revert to the linked dipole and fishing pole!

73, Al, M1FHM


Great report Al, with fine photos. :grinning: :beers:
73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Alan,
Thanks for the nice report and pics.
The metal fence may interfere negatively with RF.
Keep at a distance!
Roberto IW2OBX

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Great pics Alan - Pendle Hill G/SP-005 has to be my all time favourite summit as it was the first proper summit I climbed with my school geography group on Nov 29th 1968. It was my 16th birthday the previous day and at that time I was an unlicenced short wave listener.

73 Phil


Thanks Roberto. Yes, I had thought that and did try moving away a bit, but still no luck.

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I have an aerial of this type and do not remember ever making a QSO.

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Thanks for the s2s Alan. Nice report and photos. 73 till the next one.


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Hi Alan,

thanks for your nice report about this incredible summit :wink: (paved footpath!).

The radiator of the antenna is a little bit short for 20 m and so the efficiency low. In case of good conditions or a station not far away it may work. With some luck the metal fence would work like an extension for the antenna and without luck it would absorb some energy. To use the optimum there should be nothing around the whip, also no stones and no stones with something on there surface.
On the picture the whip is connected direct to the TRX, without the tuner, right?

73 Ludwig

Hi Ludwig, thanks for the the kind comment :grinning:.

Yes, I’ll try the antenna again in a better environment, before I give up on it completely. You’re right and well spotted, in the picture it’s connected direct to the radio, I had just used it on 2m for a summit to summit contact :grinning:. You can just see the tuning unit still connected to the rear antenna connection.