Activation for W2/GA040 on 9/2 - 9/9

Labor day weekend is fast approaching and I’m heading back up to Mecham Lake in New York to enjoy the week as well as activate DeBar Mountain during the week. I’ll be using a random wire off setup along with my trusty mfj900 and FT 450D radio for HF operations. Hope to hear and apron with you on the air!

When exactly the Labor day weekend will be?
Will it be this weekend?
I’ll be looking forward to hearing you on the air, preferably on 20m CW.


Yes, this weekend and the week after that I’ll be active on the air do. I try to keep myself anywhere that I can go but my major points are SideBand and digital. My antenna can tune up to 80 meters anyway so going on any band is no problem

US Labor Day is the first Monday in September, so September 5 this year.


Please add some trail notes to the summit page after your activation. The previous activators failed to do so.

Thanks & 73,
Barry N1EU