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I am new to SOTA - but want to do my part. I am going to be section hiking the Appalachian Trail (Southern Smoky Mountain Section) from Oct 5th to Oct 11th. We will be starting at Newfound Gap and ending at Fontana Dam.

Here is the list of which summits I will be activating and what freq:

Clingmans Dome (W4T/SU-001) - 2pm local time on 14.340 or 7.170

Thunderhead Mountain (W4T/SU-009) - 2pm local time on 14.340 or 7.170

Devils Tater Patch (W4T/SU-017) - 6pm local time on 14.340 or 7.170

Since this is my first time, I am trying to plan accordingly and not miss anything. Are those frequencies ok? Not sure if there is a standard or not. I wanted to have a backup freq incase 20m was not open.

Does anyone know of a summit i am missing in that area? I can do a site trail if needed.

Equipment will be a KX3 on battery power (5 watts) with a Par End-Fedz 40/20/10 antenna.

Thanks for any assistance you can give - hopefully someone can use these summits.


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Welcome to SOTA Micheal. You should enter these intentions onto the alerts page. There is a link to the alerts page on most of the pages of this website. Fill in the details for each summit. Check on date formats, it will be in European format (i.e. day/month not month/day!) The advantage of the alerts page is that your info will be displayed until that date has past whereas your message will rapidly drop down the threads list on here nad disappear well before your intended activations.

I can’t help with the frequencies but they don’t look to different to where many US activators are spotted.


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It seems that W4T/SU-001, 009, & 017 are also W4C/WM-001, 012 & 048 as they appear to be on the border of 2 states. If there is a state boundary marker on the summit I believe you can activate either side of the border for double points. I use the kmz google earth file from M1MAJ which is available from the files section of the SOTA yahoo group for planning activations. I think it is also available on the SOTA US group or if not, a similar file is.