Activation "Fichtelgebirge" @ 18.05.2008

Hello guys,
next weekend on May 18, I will give a walking tour in the “fichtelgebirge” (DM/BM-XXX). I have my yaesu FT-817 here. I will at 145Mhz by some qrv Summit. when the time allows, I will as much as possible on 40m, 7.118Mhz qrv. I’m on the crest of the “fichtelgebirges” with family and friends on the road and we hope the nice weather. if the weather is bad, this tour and unfortunately I will probably be the following week to relocate.

yet one thing: sorry for the poor English. translated in Google :slight_smile:

Joerg love sends greetings

In reply to DL4MFM:

Danke … ich schreibs nochmal …
wuste ich nicht !

Schönen Feiertag noch.