Activation F/AB-410 Pointe Sur Cou 1809 m

Weather forecast for Sunday May 6 is small probabilty of rain in morning, dry for noon and instable conditions for evening. Try to be on the summit around noon. The Francois Labande “Ski de randonnee Haute-Savoie Mont Blanc” rates this outing easy with 1000 m of denivelation. However the ski season for this altitude is already over. Park car to Bellajoux and start walking. Arrival on the summit at 11:00. Roy G4SSH replies at 0924 UTC on 10116 kHz and promises to spot. Then DL7KVD, GM0AXY, GW0DSP and 2E0OOO. Move to 7031 kHz. DL7RAG, G4OBK, DF2PI, DL3JPN, DL6KVA, DL2DXA, OK1HCG, DL8DXL and PA0HRM. Due to the ARI contest the 40 m is not easy today. DH8DX has been trying for a few minutes already and finally gives me a s2s QSO. No QSOs on 3560 kHz or 14061 kHz. Try to reply to 7K1PTT on 18081 kHz, but no result.

Radio: FT817ND 2.5 W CW, loop 3 m x 12 m, T1 ATU

Map: IGN 3430 ET