Activation EA2/VI-008 Ballo (1198m) on March 8, 2015. EH->F window was opened!

Nice Tropo opening on 144Mhz band was predicted last weekend, this time EH->F window was opened.
We know that VHF radio signals are normally limited to a maximum area of approximately 150km, this last weekend we had a new chance to break our limits.

I was following this magical window during those three days and finally on sunday after four summits I could rest… The strongest levels arrived after lunch time from our neighboring country was what made me think of turning the yagui to France, getting from Ballo summit far contacts over 350kms.

I was very lucky to get these french far contacts. If some UK stations were there waiting for or trying to contact me… I am sorry if we were so close, maybe next time the wind blows from another direction.

Attached here you will find a link pointing to my activation report.
73s de Inaki.