Activation EA2/NV-029 & SST Rig trial


it’s been long since I don’t go out for a walk… Too much work and rain ;o(

Tomorrow /1/12/12) EA2BSB and myself plan to climb up to Itzaga. It’s been raining this week and there is snow at that height but seems WX will be clean tomorrow, although cold. Most probably EA2BSB will start calling 20m SSB and, as usual, I’ll try to run CW in parallel, 30m this time.

I plan to use for the first time a WILDERNESS SST-30 rig (an ancient Kit) I bought second hand.
It’s a tiny kit with a variable frequency selector.
The Audio is very narrow so I will be glad to receive posts back in this topic saying actual QRG you copied.
Be patient with me, as I could suffer some drift and I don’t think I’ll retouch the pot position to avoid going out too much from my initial setting.

You can see a couple of pictures of my rig and an audio comparison vs. FT-817. You see the difference!!



Hope to work you with this little thing in my pocket!
Cheerio 73
Ignacio EA2BD