Activation EA2/NV-001 Hiru Erregeen Mahaia (2428m) on December 23, 2015

Following requests from some of you to share some pictures here you have a short summary of my last activation. My steps were headed towards the third summit on the left side… is shaped like a paper boat.

Me habéis pedido compartir alguna foto por este medio pues aquí va el pequeño resumen tras esta activación de hoy. Nos dirgimos a la tercera cumbre por la izquierda…tiene forma de barco de papel.

Today was not a holiday so the number of contacts has not been significant, neither I have had positive feedback from the French neighbours. For once the radio is pushed to the background but I am sure that always this happens here, in these valleys where the beautiful mountains assume an absolute protagonism.

Al ser un día no festivo el número de contactos no ha sido elevado, ni tampoco he tenido respuesta de los vecinos Franceses por una vez la radio se queda en segundo plano pero creo que esto siempre sucede aquí en estos lugares dónde las bellas montañas centran todo su protagonismo y nos hacen olvidar el resto.

Hiru erregeen mahaia or The Table of the Three Kings is probably the most famous mountain for the Basque mountaineers, therefore I prefer to visit outside summer season to avoid a tumultuous reception on the summit. Although this peak is considered the roof of Navarre and the Basque Country in my opinion always will continue to be its nearby peak Auñamendi or Pic d´Anie. Let me show you this magical summit on the next picture.

Hiru erregeen mahaia o Mesa de los tres Reyes es una cima muy popular aquí en nuestra tierra tal vez por ello siempre prefiero visitarla en otra época que no sea verano. Aunque en los mapas se presenta como el techo de Nafarroa y de Euskal Herria para mí sentimentalmente siempre seguirá siendo su cumbre vecina el Auñamendi o Pic d´Anie. Esta cima mágica aparece en la foto seguiente.

The truth is that this year really we are having an atypical winter, cold and dry with low rainfalls. This allowing us to come closer these peaks walking on the icy snow. This is not the first time that I come closer this mountain in winter but this could be my first time that I carry in my backpack the extra weight of my radio station.

La verdad que este año esta teniendo un invierno frio y seco, lo cual nos está permitiendo acercarnos a estos lugares con buenas condiciones y una nieve bien asentada. Os cuento que no es la primera vez que me acerco a esta montaña en invierno pero sí cargando con el equipo de radio en la espalda.

I have to admit that I should be visiting this place year after year, I do not know maybe to get a rest from the daily rush while you are walking alone listening just the noises of the ice and enjoying at least during a short time the deep silence of the summit.

Año tras año debo terminar visitando estas montañas, no lo sé tal vez para olvidarse un rato de las prisas diarias mientras caminas escuchando el crujir del hielo y sobre todo disfrutar por un momento de ese silencio total que nos ofrecen estas cumbres Pirenaicas.

Merry Christmas and Thanks for your contacs.
73s de Inaki


I did’nt get a single word but the picturses are amazing.


Iñaki apologizes for having written his post in Spanish only but it’s late and he is tired now after a long day in the mountains. He will translate into English tomorrow.
I spoke with him today on 2m FM when he was activating this summit and I found him just by chance as I had not seen any alert nor had heard anything about his plans to hike this mountain today.
Later in the day he sent to the EA2 SOTA group some pictures via whatsapp and I asked him to publish an Activation report just to see these great pictures in the laptop monitor rather than too small on the smartphone screen. Thank you very much Iñaki. Great pictures!

After seeing the first picture I think I’ve been finally able to know which one of these two montains in the following picture, that I took when I last activated Mt. Arangoiti, is indeed Hiru Erregen Mahaia.
I was in doubt between the 2 circled mountains because they look pretty similar, but I believe now that the one circled in green is indeed Hiru Erregen Mahaia = La Mesa de los Tres Reyes = The Table of the Three Kings. Do you think so, Iñaki?
This mountain is called like this because it’s right on the border of the former kingdoms of Navarra, Aragon and France. It still has in fact a French SOTA reference as well as a Spanish one.

I hope to be able to go activate this summit one day next end of summer, when the temperatures won’t be too high and the snow won’t had yet arrived.

Best 73 de Guru

Dear Guru you are right, the green circle is pointing to the EA2/NV001 but don’t forget that red one is our magical summit Pic d´Anie or Auñamendi same Basque name given to this mountain range also known as Pyrenees. I hope to contact you soon from there…73s

Dear Iñaki,

fantastic pictures and crazy winter weather…!!
Thanks for sharing. Hope to visit this summit next year in summer time.

Keep on doing so well, take care and best 73 de Ignacio