Activation DM/RP-413

Yesterday I activated DM/RP-413 again, there was a lot of cold wind on the way up, and I thought it probably wouldn’t be fun to sit there any longer. Luckily there was no wind at all at the summit and I was able to enjoy the sun for several hours. Unfortunately, the conditions on 20 m are very bad at the moment, the other bands weren’t much better either. … but I was finally able to write 24 QSOs in the log…

Tnx to all hunters

73, de DD6FM - Marco


Radio is not the only thing that makes for an enjoyable activation. The weather, the walk to the summit, the views and the pure pleasure of doing something that you enjoy all contibute. It seems that you had one of those days when the 24 QSOs made over several hours was not the most important element. Many thanks for the report and video Marco. :grinning:


Yes you are right … :grinning:

73 !

The location is good for working VK stations around 6-7 UTC… on 20m

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Tnx !