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Activation DM/BW-661

Dear friends,

many thanks for all the contacts on my activation from Aug. 6th, even though it was not really simple to qualify some qso´s, because the signals dropped rapidly and the eruptive sun did its best, to avoid qso´s……many thanks to all my chaser´s for their effort and patience!

In general: many thanks to all chasers, who are on the bands “everytime” (sometimes I think so, hi…), and activators can truly wait for their callsigns. Meanwhile, so I think, these Ham´s are good friends on air!

In spite of the condx, i got 45 qso´s from 17 countries in my Log. It was a great pleasure to work all Ham´s, but for a qrp-Station with a small antenna, it ´s not a “everyday occurence” to work a series of QSO´s on 14 MHz via LP with VK3CAT (Tony), VK2IO (Ron) in cw and VK2MI in ssb-mode one after another!
The further qso to VK2UH was unfortunately not completely , because my signal was too weak……
I copied all from him but my signal never came up to finish this qso.
And at last, I heard clearly VK1MTS/p in ssb-mode from the Reference VK1/AC-041, but there was no chance for me to work him in the pile-up…

I´m only qrv in qrp (max 5 W output), this for home and on my activations.
My working-conditions on DM/BW-661:
FT817, 5 W and a dynamic-compressor for ssb-mode
Vertical HF-P1 with an extended radiator, radials bended abt 45 degress down the hillslope.
(my experience: radials in this way mounted will provide the best results)

For interested Ham´s, you can find some picture´s and a geo-Information about DM/BW-661 via the reference-Info in the Database.
Hope to meet you all again from the mountains , the isles, the lighthouses …(i´m a outdoor-freak :smiley: )
73, Gerhard, DL4TO