Activation by WF4Z on W4G/NG-001 - 2013-08-03

Many thanks to all the chasers who dug me out of the QRN and QSB today! Some of you logged me despite my 33 signal. Others were blessed with great propagation and reported me as 57 or 59. Others logged me despite the nearby music QRM on 40 meters. Thanks to you all! Great ears!

This was my second activation, so I am still learning how it all works. Everyone was friendly - and patient while I worked a station, while I did my logging, and when asked for fills on some of the call signs. I am just recovering from a cold, so my ears didn’t equalize well enough on the way up the hill!

Thanks also to Barry, N1EU, who spotted me on 20 meters, Richard, N4EX, who spotted me on 40 meters, and Gary, W0MNA, who posted a spot requesting I go back to 20 meters… and he gave me my first summit-to-mobile QSO. He was in Kansas.

Special thanks to Andy, MM0USU, who gave me my first summit-to-across-the-pond QSO. He must have good ears since he dug me out despite my 22 signal! My loop wasn’t pointed in the right direction - off by 45 degrees - so he did a great job! Peter, VE7CV, was my only other DX (Canada) on this activation. He reported me 55 to British Columbia.

I was using my Elecraft KX3, AlexLoop WalkHam antenna, and EPbuddy 4S1P A123 LiFePO4 battery pack. Because the loop has such a high Q, I carefully adjust it to under 2:1 SWR using a tiny antenna tuner and then the KX3’s internal tuner instantly takes care of the last little bit. I ran 10 watts SSB. I never cease to be amazed at the KX3’s receiver… really nice.

I had a blast! Thanks again, everyone!