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Activation alerts on sotawatch 2


There is no trapping in place for catching an entry to the alerts page with an incorrect date. I think I entered my proposed activation for 3 March but put today’s date. Nothing shows up (of course) but it was not caught as an invalid entry.


Barry GM4TOE


In reply to GM4TOE:
Your proposed activation of GM/CS-070 at 1130 on 3 March shows on the Activation List here, Barry.
Hope to catch you on the air!


In reply to GM4TOE:

I take it you probably then entered the correct date and reposted since your activation is now there.

However, thanks for spotting this. I’ll ammned the validation code to check for this.

73, Jon


In reply to GM4ZFZ:
The 2 metre frequency checking needs somehow to be updated to allow frequencies above 146Mhz, and allow up to 148Mhz. If I try to post 146.520 (Fm calling freq in the US). It kicks it back as being invalid. Not sure if you can make this region specific ??



In reply to KC2EUS:

Hi Andrew,

I have expanded the allowable frquency range up to 148MHz as requested.

73, Jon


In reply to GM4ZFZ:
Great ! I’ll update my alert notice.